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Chong'an district is the downtown area of Wuxi, with an area of 18 square kilometers and a permanent population of 228,900 (2010). It is named after Chong'an Temple, a famous temple donated by Wang Xizhi (AD 303-379), a well-known calligrapher.

It is a historical and cultural center of Wuxi, with many scenic spots, historical sites and former residences of historical figures. It's also a cluster for the service industry and a transportation hub. It played an important role in opening-up development.

Both Wuxi Railway Station and Wuxi Coach Station located in the district. At the Sanya Plaza the intersection of the Metro Line 1 and 2 is located. From there it is easy and fast to go get around in whole Wuxi.

Wuxi is devoted to build a modern and elegant down town district. (see picture below)

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new wuxi

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